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1831 W 208th St. Torrance, CA 90501

(310) 559-3999

Mon. - Fri.: 08:30 - 05:30


Studio utilizes its unique industry access to provide each sports production with the resources, knowledge and connections needed to bring a project from script to screen. We use all of our below-the-line services to bring authenticity to your production.

Our first co-production effort, Crooked Arrows came out in theaters nationwide on May 18th, 2012.

Professional Consulting for:

  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Script Consulting
  • Talent Attachments
  • Production Attachments

If you have a project that you are working on and would like to get involved with Sports Studio, please submit your script or call us at (310) 559-3999.

Our Portfolio

Major League Baseball
(310) 559-3999
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