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1831 W 208th St. Torrance, CA 90501

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Helping North America Find Licensed Sports Wardrobe Approval

As an official entertainment licensee partner to the NFL®, NBA®, MLB®, and USSF®, Sports Studio acts as your direct liaison to the league for North American and international productions. We only rent to productions who have received licensed sports wardrobe approval from the league. If your production has not received approval yet, we’re here to help.

Sports Studio specializes in building the relationships needed to obtain that approval. Ask us for help at the start, and we will help you build positive connections until the production wraps. Sports Studio will help you authentically portray sports on screen. If your production needs to obtain clearances and rent licensed gear, email or call (310) 559-3999.

Licensed Football Uniforms for United States Productions

From licensed football uniforms to era-accurate baseball equipment, Sports Studio helps approved production studios and ad agencies capture the real nature of any sport on film. We provide:

  • Rentals
    • Full Authentic Uniforms
    • Genuine Equipment
    • Sideline Apparel
    • Tailgating Accessories

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Major League Baseball
(310) 559-3999
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