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1831 W 208th St. Torrance, CA 90501

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Mon. - Fri.: 08:30 - 05:30

North America’s Athlete Casting Company for Authentic Sport Portrayals

Need athletes? Rely on the tested and trusted resource that brands like Nike®, Gatorade®, State Farm®, and NFL Network® have used time and time again. In addition to providing authentic athletic apparel and props, Sports Studio is the athlete casting company serving any production in the United States and North America.

Nothing makes a choreographed sports scene come alive like the performance of real athletes. Learn what noted sports photographers and even the producers of big-budget Hollywood features, including The Dark Knight Rises and 42, have learned. Sports Studio Casting delivers realism with top-notch athletes who both look and play the part flawlessly.

The Largest Athletic Actor Casting Company in North America

Sports Studio casting is the nation’s largest database of athletic actors. With nearly 20,000 athletes to choose from, we cast players for any sport, at any age, and any location in the United States. Our athletic actor casting company helps productions find the perfect fit for their stories.

Let us be the first call to bring your production’s sports scenes to life. Reach out to Sports Studio today by phone, email, or our website contact form.

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(310) 559-3999
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